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Get in touch with us, P L Gauntlett Accounts Ltd. We can take over the full registration procedure for you. Give you help keeping your books, complete your Tax and VAT Returns and everything else you will need.

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Yes, if it isn’t returned by 31 January you will be fined. The maximum fine is £100 and, if the Return is still outstanding after another 6 months a further fine is added plus a surcharge. It won’t go away! The only way to deal with the problem is to complete the Return and send it back to HMRC . If you are struggling, just call or e mail us, we will deal with the Return for you and who knows, it may be that the Inland Revenue owe you some money rather than the other way round.

If you know what should be in your tax code and it’s not there or, the code appears too high give your Tax Office a ring (the number is on your Notice of Coding). Alternatively, call or e mail us and we will deal with it for you. Most wrongly operated code numbers are too high so, once the code is amended you could get a nice little windfall in your next pay packet.

There are certain tests that you must pass before you can be legitimately be classed as self employed. Broadly, there must be a Master/ Servant relationship and you must be risking your own money. Lynne Gauntlett is an expert in this field, call or e mail her and she will help you deal with this. Remember, if you get it wrong you can be penalised by HMRC.

For further advice see page* Employment status indicator.

For some businesses a Limited Company is the way forward. If this is for you call or e mail us. We can set up the Company for you and help you with all the necessary paperwork.

For further advice see page * Starting a Company, what you need to know.

P L Gauntlett Accounts Ltd can prepare your wage slips for you. Whether it’s weekly or monthly payslips we can provide them and we also advise you of the correct amounts of PAYE to pay HMRC every month.  At the end of the year we will provide P60s for each employee and submit the P35 on line on your behalf.

For our costs for doing this work please see the price list.

Price list

Of course we can. We will complete your VAT Return every 3 months, file it on line and advise you how much VAT you have to pay. It really is as easy as that!

For paper Tax Returns it is 31 October. For Returns submitted on line it is 31 January. P L Gauntlett Accounts Ltd submits all Returns on line, it is quick, secure and we receive acknowledgement of  its receipt from HMRC in minutes.

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