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Lynne Gauntlett

— Owner and Managing Director

Lynne Gauntlett began her career in the Inland Revenue (now HMRC) in 1975.

Quickly promoted through the ranks she became one of the youngest Executive Officers in the country at the age of 22.

In 1982 she was chosen to head the clerical team that set up the Inland Revenue compliance unit to deal with the British film industry. Leading a team of 20 she was responsible for getting the tax records of all the film and TV production companies in the UK together under one roof and overseeing the correct operation of PAYE throughout the industry, this lead to settlements totalling almost £1million in the first year of the units operation. As a result of this her expertise as to whether someone is employed or self employed (status enquiries) is second to none.

In addition to day to day work Lynne deals with HMRC investigations on behalf of her clients.  These can be time consuming and are often very stressful. Lynne’s 20 year career with HMRC means she is well placed to be the poacher rather than the gamekeeper in these situations. If you are enduring an investigation and need some friendly advice and help, call or e-mail today.

Lynne moved to sunny Cumbria 30 years ago and left HMRC in 1995.
P L Gauntlett Accounts commenced trading on 1 September 1996 and was incorporated as a Limited Company on 27 May 2003.

When she is not working Lynne is a busy mum of 3 with added responsibility for assorted household pets. Her hobbies include, flying her stunt kite, gym sessions and watching her beloved football team Newcastle United FC (which isn’t always a fun thing to do).

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